Ski Vacation Deals: Ten Reasons To Book A Package

You may or may not be a ski vacation package deal junkie. Perhaps you've seen package deals popping up on the internet and dismissing them, thinking they can't possibly be legit or you could piece together your own vacation in a much more suitable way. Or maybe you're interested...

Maybe you're flirting with the thoughts of discounted lift tickets and bonus lodging nights, and you're almost convinced that a ski vacation package deal is right for you. Well we're here to help you understand the ins and outs of those very deals, and give you our top ten benefits of using one to book your next ski vacation. If you're ready to save money, enjoy perks, and let everyone else do the planning for you, read on!

Hot Ski Deal

1. Free Lodging

It's the most common perk of a ski vacation package deal: stay x amount of nights, get the final night free. Hotels and vacation lodging companies commonly offer this promotion because it helps to fill accommodation which would otherwise be empty during off-peak periods and uncommon travel days, but you can likely find a deal any time of the season that offers some sort of free stay bonus. If you were going to stay four days anyway and the fifth night is free…why not take it!

2. Lift Ticket Bundles

Lift Ticket bundles are package deals on lift tickets for skiing or riding some number of days in a row, the minimum of which is usually 3 days. As with groceries, hotel rooms, and pretty much everything else, buying in bulk saves you big bucks. You'll easily score a 20% discount on lift tickets when purchasing within a package deal, and sometimes bonus days are included when combining a lodging/lift ticket offer.

3. Less Stress

Booking a total package deal for your ski vacation is a no-brainer if you have neither the time or patience for planning every little detail yourself. If you scoured the internet months ahead of time for the best deals on lodging, lift tickets, and airfare, you might have a chance at getting great deals. But guess what? There are people who have already done that work for you: they've put together the best deals in the biz for all budgets and tastes. All you have to do is book.

4. Kids Ski Free

This is a popular perk at many major ski resorts: kids 5 and under, 6 and under, sometimes even 12 and under, ski free. Sometimes it's not necessary to book a ski vacation package deal to get this one, but when you book a lodging/lift tickets package, you can be sure that the deal will include this freebie for families. It would be a shame to buy lift tickets for everyone, only to find out the little ones didn't need to pay for theirs. You can trust you'll get the perk when working with expert deal crafters.

Family Having Fun Skiing

5. Family Bargains

Ski resorts across the world cater primarily to families. They feature kid specific events, phenomenal ski school programs, nanny services and restaurants with plenty of kid-approved menu items. When it comes to package deals, most of them are created with the whole family in mind. You'll find the best lodging deals for rooms that sleep 4 or houses that sleep 18 (family reunion anyone?) – not to mention excellent lift ticket discounts and activity freebies.

6. Travel Savings

Of all things ski vacation, travel can be the biggest headache. Finding affordable flights at decent times on specific dates is difficult (and nearly impossible when booking last minute). We love package deals that bundle airfare and car rentals – and can often include lodging, as well. No matter what, you'll save some money when bundling these three. More importantly, you'll save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

7. Luxury For Less

Yes, you can find superb ski vacation deals for low budget trips. But get this: you can also find superb ski vacation deals that would normally be set aside for the rich and famous for unbelievable rates! We're not saying you could easily score a slope side mansion with hot tub and heated floors for the cash you were going to drop at a low budget dorm; but you can find those digs at substantially discounted rates when you find the right package deals. Have we piqued your interest? Good. Start searching!

8. Off Slopes Activities

Ski resorts these days feature much more than slopes for skiing and riding. Major resorts have transformed over the past decade into year-round outdoor activity meccas, offering everything from horse-drawn sleigh rides to heli skiing to snowmobiling parks for kids. Many hotels and lodging companies offer these activities free or at discounted rates through package deals. So if you and you're family are interested in more than just skiing on your ski vacation, find the deals that offer the best off-slopes perks.

9. Deals For All Budgets

Sometimes the word vacation can be intimidating – especially for those on tighter budgets. But if you're reading this, and you're interested in crafting an unforgettable vacation for yourself, your sweetheart, or your whole family, know that you can find a way to make it happen on a budget. Ski vacation package deals offer very specific discounts on lift tickets, lodging, activities, and travel, and you can find the one that's uniquely perfect for your interests and budget.

10. Insider Info

It's tough to know how to get all the insider info on the best deals in the ski industry when this business is not something to which you're very close. The great thing about ski vacation deals is that you don't have to be on the inside to get the insider deals: we've done that for you. The bottom line is that ski resorts want you to ski with them, hotels want you to stay with them, airlines want you to travel with them and those sleigh ride tour guides want their seats filled and their customers happy. The ski vacation package deal is designed to get you where you want to go, doing what you want to do, at the lowest price possible. What better way to get the best deal than finding it through the expert insiders?

When it comes to the best deals, least amount of stress, and ultimate ski vacations, booking through a ski vacation package deal is your best bet. You can find exactly what you want, at the budget you can afford, and with perks you didn't even know existed. So get searching, and start booking. Your best vacation ever is waiting!