What kind of ski vacation packages are available to Portillo, Chile?

Here's the skinny on the different types of deals and lodging.The first thing to keep in mind when looking at deals and packages to Portillo is that the resort very isolated. It's a 2 hour drive northeast of Santiago. There is no mountain village or town and there is lodging for only 400 or so guests durning any one week. This is both good and bad depending on what you are looking for. The good is that on powder days there should be no problem getting fresh tracks through out the day. You shouldn't have to wait much in any lift lines. And, you'll meet a lot of new friends. The bad, is that there is a limited variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife. It's like a big cruise ship in the mountains.

The packages that are available from the ski resort and most tour operators are for 7 nights. Arriving and leaving on Saturdays. They include meals and lift tickets with most lodging options.

The ski season runs from the last part of June to October. Here are the seasonal dates that prices are based on.

Regular Season 1- June 22 to July 6

High Season - July 6 to August 3.

Regular Season 2 - August 3 to Sept 7.

Low Season - Sept 7 through Oct 5.

The lodging in Portillo is, well, eclectic. Everything centers around the Hotel Portillo. It is surrounded by the Octagon Lodge, Inca Lodge, and 4 Chalets all within a short walk to the Hotel Portillo.

The Hotel Portillo is the most expensive of the lodging options and a very good choice for couples and families. There are double rooms, family apartments, and suites. Lake view or Mountain view. Most packages include meals in the hotel dinning room, and the nightlife is in this hotel as well.

The Octagon Lodge has much more casual accommodations than the Hotel Portillo. The rooms feature two bunk beds with living space in the middle of the room. All rooms have balconies with views of the ski runs and a private bathroom. You'll have the same meal plan as if you were staying in the main hotel. This is basically quad occupancy. If you don't have 4 in your group, expect to have the resort supply a warm body for the empty beds.

The Inca Lodge is "youth hostel" style lodging with 2 bunk beds in each small room. Don't expect to have your own bathroom other than "Mens" and "Womans". If your a guy traveling alone you will share a room with other guys. Your meals will be in the self service cafeteria in the main hotel. This is a good option for a college student on a budget, or someone wanting to stay just a day or two in Portillo.