Ski Trip Packing List

Whether it’s your first time skiing or you’ve been doing it for years, here’s the ultimate ski trip packing list/checklist so you won’t leave anything behind. Just check the box! Or if you need a guide on what exactly to buy, see our What to Pack for a Ski Trip.

Ski and Snowboard Gear

Insider tip: Rent these if it’s your first time skiing. Ski gear is expensive and only worth investing if you’re ready to commit. Trust me.

Ski Clothing


Insider tip: Rent or borrow ski jackets or pants if it’s you’re first time skiing.


Insider tip: Extremely cold/blizzard days call for fleece jackets or if you’re a cruisey skier or rider who likes making multiple stops for photos, packing a fleece jacket is a good idea too.

Ski accessories


Protective Gear for beginner snowboarders

Insider tip: Rent wrist guards if it’s you’re first time snowboarding.


Insider tip: If you're not taking a small backpack, fit all smaller items such as lip balm, pocket tissues and pocket sized sunscreen in your ski jacket.

Off-the-Slopes Clothing

Insider tip: Pack your socks and goggles in your ski boots to save space.



Have you got everything on the ski trip checklist?

Prefer this printed? Download your ski trip packing list here.