Skiers versus Snowboarders at Alta

Snowboarders tried to sue Alta - the skiers’ only resort in Utah, again, and they were denied again… by a federal judge. The snow riders’ claim was “US Forest Service should be accessible to all, and banning snowboarding at the ski resort is unconstitutional.” The 4 snowboarders’ suit, as represented by Wasatch Equality, proposed that they have an American right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on these sacred snow-covered grounds which are located on public land.

Even the US Forest Service, in charge of the permits to allow Alta to operate their ski lifts and services on the protected land, took the ski resort’s stance stating that it is not discrimination, a private company with proper permits can determine their own business practices.

Alta insists they are not discriminating, but rather they are providing a safe and peaceful skier environment that skiers prefer without snowboarders and the concern for their blind side turns.

The snowboarders stated that Alta and the skiers-only resort is “exclusive and elitist”… which is probably true of the sport in general, no?!  There are now three ski resorts in the US, Mad River Glen in Vermont, Alta and Deer Valley in Utah.

Your thoughts? Is it discrimination, segregation or smart marketing on Alta’s part?