Bryan Woods

Bryan Woods is a life-long snow lover and expert in mountain meteorology with a Ph.D. in geophysics from Yale. After graduate school he discovered the sport of skiing at the age of 27, and skiing has since taken over as his life’s passion. Bryan enthusiastically races in a couple of different beer leagues in New Hampshire, though his skills are far more tuned toward the beer than the skiing. Regardless of racing prowess, he is a board member of the Eastern Inter-Club Ski League ( and two of its member ski clubs. 

Bryan is a dedicated amateur ski tuner who can be found on weeknights in his basement with a six pack on his tuning bench. He enjoys maintaining his quiver of skis which can be found in the back of his truck at the mountain any time it snows more than a few inches, typically 60+ days per season. Bryan founded the online community, where you can find him to say hello.